Buying and selling real estate in Croatia is (believe it or not) in most cases a quick and simple process - if you have knowledge of land registers and cadastre, finance and taxes, legal regulations, construction quality, energy efficiency, administration, forms ...
Also, you can find real estate yourself, through various portals, through friends, neighbors. It is very unnecessary to hire a real estate agency if a friend offers you the perfect property from his neighborhood that he has heard is for sale, and you have all the knowledge about the buying and selling process in Croatia, right? Don’t spend your money on a real estate agency in vain.


Buying or selling your own property is one of the biggest milestones in most people's lives.
It is a process filled with various expectations, joys, emotions, fears, hopes, adrenaline for both parties - the buyer and the seller. Regardless of the fact that most people equate such important events in life with stress, it is not uncommon for clients to be surprised in the end by how much buying a property in Croatia was a positive experience.
We read somewhere that stress arises when there is an imbalance between the demands placed on a person and their ability to cope with them. Here we return to the beginning of this story. So, if you have all the strings in your hands, you know what you are doing, most likely buying a property will not be stressful for you. That means you don’t need a real estate agency.
However, you will probably agree with us that this knowledge is difficult for one person to have. There is a solution and you have probably already figured out where the story leads by now, and you didn’t come to our website by accident. Real estate agents (and the team they have with them) are a kind of link between the buyer and the seller. They are not emotionally involved and subjective reasons do not diminish their ability to clearly assess the situation. They will know what was last sold and at what price, what is planned to be built and at what price it will be sold. This information is invaluable, in case you are willing to accept and take it into mind. The time you have is limited, it is possible that you are from another country, a foreigner who does not know the legal regulations and the buying and selling process in Croatia, paperwork ... One of our customers said that the agency's commission is an investment, not an expense. Even to us at the time, it was a strange, unexpected comment. And then we realized that was the real truth. It is a current investment in future security, and a great saving of time both now and in the future.
You can risk and buy real estate yourself. Our advice though, if you’re not an expert - don’t do it to yourself. After all, when you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, and where should you go when buying a property?

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