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Buying or selling real estate in Croatia is primarily a process that involves understanding legal procedures, knowing the real estate market, and possessing expert negotiation skills to make the cooperation between real estate agencies and clients successful, transparent, and simple. Owing to more than 10 years of experience, our agency is well acquainted with the situation, opportunities, mentality, as well as all legal processes in the Croatia real estate market.

We are also proficient in foreign languages and are largely oriented towards customers from other European Union countries, as well as the rest of the world. We understand your needs, interests, and expectations very well. Our portfolio includes a selection of the best real estate in Croatia, located along the Adriatic coast and in the most attractive regions, cities, and towns. We can offer you the best houses and villas, exclusive apartments, great land plots by the sea, as well as exceptional opportunities for investment, either in residential buildings or in hotels and tourism ventures.

As a country with a long tradition of providing hospitality services, Croatia has always been a place that foreign guests and tourists found worth visiting thanks to its natural beauties, crystal-clear sea, as well as all other advantages that living in a Mediterranean country offers. Over the years, Croatia has become increasingly popular, both as a tourist destination, and a perfect place for owning real estate for private or business reasons, one of which being a purchase of a real estate by the sea in order to rent it.

We have a great knowledge of Croatia real estate market

Croatia real estate market has been getting busier with each passing year, experiencing a growing demand, especially for real estate along the Croatian coast and in major cities. Many real estate experts continue to predict a price increase, but real estate prices are still more affordable in Croatia than in other EU countries.

High demand for real estate in Croatia can be attributed to many reasons, the most important of which being the unique natural beauties with their irresistible Mediterranean charm, a relaxed lifestyle, low interest rates on loans, low interest rates on savings and real estate prices in Croatia, which, regardless of the continuous trend towards higher prices, are lower than prices of real estate in Western Europe, where the largest number of new buyers of houses, apartments, land or business premises in Croatia come from.

Here in Croatia, we pride ourselves on a very busy real estate market. Real estate of all kinds and price ranges are bought and sold, such as luxury apartments by the sea, houses close to the sea, real estate in the inland such as older buildings, luxury houses with swimming pools, building plots and business premises. All categories of real estate are bought and sold.

One of the best ways to invest money or save for the future is to invest in real estate. This is also supported by the data of 89.9% of Croats who own their own roof over their heads, thus ranking them among European record holders when it comes to owning real estate. The advantages of this type of investment are increasingly being recognized by foreign citizens who decide to invest in real estate in Croatia for tourist purposes, especially in coastal cities and tourist destinations.

Things to consider before deciding to buy real estate in Croatia

Before buying a flat, an apartment, or a house, the most important thing is to check the documentation required to acquire the property and meet all legal provisions after signing the contract of purchase and sale. It may take several weeks from the collection of documents, the most important of which is the act and the building permit if the object of sale and purchase is a newbuilding, to the signing of the contract.

With the help of our real estate agency and our motivated and competent real estate agents, it is easy to obtain all the necessary documentation for the property as well as get some advice on bank loans to help finance the investment, ensure the conclusion of pre-contracts and solve problems, execute the signing of purchase and sale contract and, finally, register the property, as well as pay the property taxes.

Selected from our real estate offer

Let your choice be a real estate agency with a high-quality offer, excellent service and impeccable image

A quality expert team that will represent your interests during the process of selling or buying your real estate in Croatia is the key to successful cooperation and agreement between the buyer and the seller. Throughout the years of work experience of our real estate agency, not only prices and habits but a lot has changed in the real estate market, but in our real estate agency one thing always remains the same, and that is a transparent, clear and open communication with clients that speeds up and simplifies every process.

Our competent agents tend to the presentation of the property you are interested in an excellent, thorough, and professional manner. By applying knowledge of Croatian law and legislation, demonstrating successful negotiation skills with Croatian sellers, and taking account of expectations of foreign customers, we have specialized in working with foreign clients. We have been conducting business with German-speaking customers for more than 10 years, which has greatly helped us understand their mentality, operating mode and means of communication they prefer.

We are one of the top agencies that specialize in "second home" buying of a real estate in Croatia. This implies buying a vacation house, a holiday home, or an apartment that the owners intend to use at certain times throughout the year.

Should Euro Immobillien and our team be the agency of your choice, our quick response, as well as an accurate, thorough, and transparent exchange of information is to be expected. Our aim is to save you time spent looking for the ideal real estate in Croatia and be with you at every step of your investment. In order for us to be the best in what we do, we need your help and cooperation:
  • Please, narrow down your choices by defining your preferences: do you prefer a modern real estate, a traditional real estate or the one by the sea. Think about the location of the investment; should the property be in Istria, in Kvarner region, in Dalmatia, on an island?!
  • Define the budget - clearly determine the financial resources and their availability before you decide to have a property viewing organized. We strongly recommend that you inquire about all the possibilities of getting a loan from your bank abroad. This is the most important factor to start a search for real estate. 

Search the offer at best locations for buying real estate in Croatia

The beautiful Croatian coast is becoming a highly sought-after destination where it is desirable to own a "second home" real estate. Properties located right next to the sea or properties overlooking the sea, older buildings, old stone houses, modern holiday homes and villas with pool, are just a small part of a wise investment.

No matter which part of the Croatian coast you choose, is it Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia, it is important to know that real estate is sold extremely fast, prices are rising every day, and the offer is getting smaller as demand grows. Bear in mind that the offer is limited, and the interest is high. Therefore, we recommend that you be quick and determined once we start the property purchase process.


Purchase and sale of Croatia real estate in Istria

Purchase and sale of real estate in Istria is part of one of the most dynamic markets in Croatia because Istria is Croatia’s largest peninsula that borders Slovenia, situated in the immediate vicinity of Italy, and very close to Austria. Therefore, it is not surprising that Istria is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. Magical Istria is rich in culture, history, cultural heritage, and breathtaking natural beauties.

The crystal-clear sea and the inland full of lush greenery offer the best of both worlds and make it the most desirable destination for holidaying and buying real estate in Croatia. Whether you use the real estate for tourist purposes such as renting, for business purposes for project development or choose it as a "second home" property, be quick because Istria is love at first sight.

Purchase and sale of real estate in Kvarner region

From year to year, real estate in Kvarner region and on its islands records a major growth trend in real estate investment, especially by foreign guests. With its mild climate, clear sea, and magnificent historical architecture at every turn, Kvarner Bay is a lure for many tourists, as well as a favorite location for "second home" real estate for many guests from the region.

Opatija, Rijeka, Crikvenica, the islands of Krk, Lošinj, Rab and Cres delight with their diverse real estate offer. Excellent transport links with the rest of Croatia and Europe make Kvarner an increasingly popular choice for investing in real estate in Croatia. Invest in your future today, with the right team at the right spot.

Purchase and sale of Croatia real estate in Dalmatia

High demand for real estate in Dalmatia, just as in Istria and Kvarner region, is well deserved and expected. One of the most important reasons is the unique indented coast of incredible beauty. But equally important are excellent transport links, a modern motorway and several important airports that provide quick access to many European and world destinations.

Numerous smaller and larger Dalmatian islands, national parks, unique historical and architectural monuments are just a small part of what the region has to offer. Dalmatia is definitely a fantastic location for a holiday property or a property for project development and investments such as tourist and catering facilities.


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