New regulations on energy certification of buildings

The energy certification of buildings, that is, the classification and evaluation of buildings according to the energy consumption became from july 1st, 2013 the legal requirement for almost all real estate on the real estate market in Croatia. Specifically, the existing buildings, offices and apartments for sale larger than 50 square meters must have a valid energy certificate that should be presented to the buyer for review before the conclusion of the purchase-sale contract.

Energy certificate is a document that shows the energy performance of the building, providing an insight into the quality of the building in terms of energy consumption and future costs of use. For this reason it can affect the price of the real estate, that is, its market competitiveness.

Energy audit is a procedure performed with the goal to analyze the energy performance and to identify possible measures needed for improvement of energy efficiency in the existing buildings. The owner of real estate must conduct energy audits and obtain the energy certificate for the building, and the audit must be carried out by the appointed authorized persons. Prior to the use of commissioning of new buildings, an energy certificate must be obtained.

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