Old stone houses are also a part of the real estate market in Croatia - real estate that has autochthonous and traditional architectural features from some past times. There are a lot of renovated old houses that have been completely modernized and enriched with new technologies and futuristic interior design, but here we are talking about authentic old stone houses that are sold in their original condition.

Love of antiquities and old houses is a special kind of love. Old stone houses have a special charm and soul. They are rarely in excellent, preserved condition, so their prices are slightly lower than the rest of the real estate offer on the Croatian coast. Usually, buyers of such real estate are lovers of authentic and indigenous, often artistic souls, or people who recognize the profitability of such a "cheaper" purchase while having a vision of how to create new value.

Prices depend on several factors such as the condition of the property itself and its location. Old real estate located in popular tourist towns on the coast will be more expensive than real estate in rural areas. They can be found along the Adriatic coast, the Istrian peninsula and the Dalmatian Zagora. In recent years, old stone houses have become very attractive to foreign investors and buyers.

It should be emphasized that in this case, customers must be aware of the challenge that lies ahead. Not one but even two budgets should be defined - one for the purchase of real estate, and the other for its renovation according to your wishes. Expect that it will need some repairs, and often a complete adaptation. This should definitely be kept in mind when considering how much you would be willing to invest in a property of this type. There are experts on the market who specialize in the adaptation of stone houses so you can leave everything to professionals or get into the business yourself.

The investment can be large and long-term renovation works are possible with several different contractors who need to be hired and with whom to coordinate. Special attention must be paid to old stone houses because that are in poor condition so it is necessary to thoroughly examine the safety of the property and the statics itself. There is a possibility of restoring the old house in accordance with tradition and performing minor interventions, but it can also be significantly modernized, depending on whether there are any special conservation conditions in the specific settlement in which the real estate is located. So, in addition to the money itself, it takes some patience and time.

However, the revival of the former beauty of real estate and the history it carries within its walls is indescribable. Each old house has its own story which makes it unique and authentic. There is less and less old houses in the real estate market, while demand is growing. Old houses are becoming rarer, and like all real estate - they are not an unlimited resource and will soon run out on the market.
If we look at the economic aspect of buying old stone houses, investing in such real estate is, in our opinion, profitable. Construction experts agree that the future and potential for investors and builders is the renovation of existing real estate. Renovation of old houses is a new market niche that brings profit and ensures a return on investment through tourism or resale.

Old stone houses deserve our respect because they are a symbol of the past and a kind of time machine into other eras. By buying an old stone house you can be sure that you are the owner of an authentic and unique real estate on the market. Its walls hide many old memories and are waiting for you to create new ones - your own!

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