It is a known fact that every fifth property in Croatia is bought by foreigners. While in continental Croatia real estate is bought mainly by Croats but along the coast and on the islands a large share in sales is from foreign nationals. Since we at Euro Immobilien are mainly oriented to the sale of holiday real estate, our clients are mostly Germans, Austrians, Slovenes, Czechs and Slovaks. As Germans are the majority of our buyers, through talking to them for many years, we learned their motives for buying real estate in Croatia.

Natural beauties, islands, beautiful landscapes, Mediterranean climate, fine food… It all seems like a paradise just a few steps (or hours) away from Germany. Most Germans who visit Croatia once want to come back. Croatia offers them a break from the usual, calmer and safer environment, fewer crowds, less stress. All in a beautiful and diverse natural environment. Thus, many German tourists become property owners in Croatia. Owning your house or holiday apartment on the Croatian coast has become a great option for those who really love Croatia and want to spend more time here.

Croatia is relatively close to Germany and it's very well connected by road and air. This makes it easily accessible. Modern highways and numerous airlines are close to major coastal cities such as Pula in Istria, Rijeka, Zadar and Split in Dalmatia. They ensure arrival
from certain parts of Germany in just a few hours.

Given that real estate prices in Germany in large cities such as Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg are quite high, real estate prices on the Adriatic are acceptable and affordable for Germans. Also, compared to other countries, average real estate prices are still slightly lower in Croatia. This does not mean that Germans in Croatia buy everything that is offered to them. In most cases, they are very interested in the market situation and know how to assess the price-quality ratio quite well. They appreciate the quality of house construction, the attractiveness of the location and understand their role in the price of real estate. Germans are mostly buyers who do not like risk and want to invest in something profitable and real estate in Croatia is very profitable. They rarely enter into speculative purchases, even if the property is very cheap.

Germans who buy real estate as an investment in Croatia most often do so by renting the same property to tourists in parts of the year when they do not use it themselves. Istria and Kvarner, the island of Krk and the area of ​​Crikvenica are especially popular among German buyers for the "buy to rent" investment. There's a large variety of stone houses with swimming pools, modern villas or apartments with sea views.
It is not uncommon for Germans to becom real estate investors, buying land, building real estate - houses or apartments for the market. They recognize Croatia as a destination with great potential in which a significant increase in real estate prices is very likely in the next few years.

With major changes around the globe, lifestyle changes and financial changes, the motives of real estate buyers are becoming more diverse. What motives will German buyers have tomorrow? Possibly the same, possibly different… The only thing we concluded is that regardless of the motives, the interest in buying real estate on the Adriatic by Germans is growing every year.

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