Real estate on the Island of Krk – Mateja Bogdanić on situation on the market

The Island of Krk has been a very attractive area with extremely active real estate market for many years already. Due to vicinity of European countries, good traffic connections and beautiful nature, the Island of Krk is at the very top of real estate offer in Croatia. Answers to questions about the trends, type of real estate being sold, buyers of real estate on the Island of Krk and many others were given by the director of Euro Immobilien Agency Mateja Bogdanić for "Novi List".

On the indications of upcoming economic crisis

The current condition of home, especially Adriatic and therefore Krk real estate market is such that in our country no exceptional pre-crisis elements could be noticed. What happened around ten years ago, luckily and to the satisfaction of us all from real estate branch has gone fast and therefore we have for a series of years witnessed a mild but continuous growth. And absolutely everything is being offered and sold - estates, apartments, houses, new-builds but also ancient objects, premises at the historical centres of our towns as well as isolated, at the edge of some village. But, main difference in relation to pre-crisis time is today reflected in the fact that the prices of offered real estate have now been much more real and harmonized with actual market indicators then they used to be.

About the real estate prices

Talking from the experience, I can say that today's real estate buyers are very well informed on market fluctuations and that all of them know the real market value of real estate they intend to buy. Pumping of prices is today normally not grasped and so what you read in the advertisements often does not reflect the real price per which real estate is at the moment being sold. It often seems to me that advertisements are more of a wish lists of the sellers than actual value indicators per which something is sold. Houses and flats which cost enormous sums of money and which you can find by surfing on the net exist but are not being sold. What is really sold are all types of real estate realistically appraised.

On the real estate legality and documentation

Today exclusively are built and sold real estate built according to their documentation.  New-builds are all absolutely legal because in case of any deviation from documentation you cannot obtain a permit nor apportion the building.

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