Average is no longer interesting, specific properties are being bought. Which properties are the most wanted, what is new in the real estate market on the island of Krk and in the Riviera of Crikvenica, who are the buyers of apartments by the sea, plots, stone houses and villas? Mateja Bogdanić gave the answers to all these questions for the supplement Nekretnine (Real estate) of the Jutarnji list newspaper. 

On property offer on the island of Krk and in Crikvenica

The largest number of real estate in the offer refers most certainly to the apartments, either the newly built ones or bit older apartments, sold by the so-called “second or third party”. We have also noticed the recently increased offer of not only the older stone houses for renovation but also of luxurious newly built stone houses for the customers of higher purchasing power.

On the cost-effectiveness of purchasing a property by the sea

The most cost-effective solution is to buy a property with a good quality to price ratio.

When I say quality, I mean the quality of the location, which is - in terms of the properties by the sea - the most relevant parameter in determining the value. If the buyer has chosen well the location and - moreover – managed to purchase it for a good price, it is certain that he will profit from that purchase, regardless of whether he has bought a newly built apartment, a house for renovation or some other type of property.

Specific properties are required

Today it is very difficult to sell a property that is not at least “somehow” specific. Average is not interesting. The property must be special in at least one detail, whether it be location, quality and equipment, especially nice view of the sea, good micro-location… It is a property that does not leave the customer indifferent, the one that has “something special”. Sometimes it is more than the above-mentioned parameters in a single property, and sometimes it is only one of them, but even this one is often crucial in customers’ selection. For example, if the house is from the 60’s, badly designed and constructed, built with poor materials, not maintained and actually bad looking, if it is in a top position in the first row by the sea, it has a special value and there is a great demand for such properties.

One can find specific properties in the market, but certainly not in such a number than the average ones. The reason for this is that they are quickly sold after they reach the market. Sellers, especially the investors building in our region have recently recognized that today the customers are looking for properties that are “something special”, so they pay more attention to selection of the location, building quality as well as the equipment that meets the requirements of today's customer.

Who are the customers and which criteria do they have in selection of a property

The customers are different; each one of them has his own individual wishes. Far more properties are sold to the customers who are looking for a property with intention to use it as their own vacation home and maybe for renting it to the tourists. There are those who are looking for a property for housing, but in much smaller number. If we talk about the latter, we refer to a small number of local inhabitants and slightly larger number of wealthy retirees from abroad or Croatian inland who have chosen, after an active working life, to live by the sea.

Although there are local buyers, mainly from Zagreb and Rijeka, the properties are bought by a vast majority of foreigners. Mostly Slovenians, Austrians, Germans and Italians. Mainly people who have been spending their vacation on Adriatic for many years. Apart from its natural beauty, crystal-clear sea and beautiful beaches – everything another European holiday destination can hardly compete with – they choose Croatia also for the reasons of traffic accessibility and proximity, because they can use the properties not only for vacation, but also for weekends, holidays, public holidays and similar.

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