Increased number of foreigners buying real estate in Croatia

Increased number of foreigners buying real estate in Croatia

Who are the most frequent buyers of real estate in Croatia? What are the reasons why the foreigners decide to buy real estate in Croatia and what are the advantages of Croatia advantages compared to other European countries?

On the Adriatic coast and its outback, the real estate is bought by the Austrians, Germans, British, Italians, Russians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks and even the Scandinavians. Although there are no real statistics, the fact is that the Slovenians are traditionally the most numerous customers. The largest number of Slovenians purchased the real estate in Istria and on the islands of Krk, Cres and Pag. The British and Italians mostly choose Istria, a little less Dalmatia, and they find particularly interesting the area around Dubrovnik. To Hungarians and Russians the location is not as important, as the real estate quality. Austrians and Germans are buying what they please, regardless of location. It turned out that the distance does not play a major role for them.

Slovenians are buying houses, plots and apartments alike, usually up to a value of 100.000 euros. Our neighbors’ interest in the Adriatic coast is quite understandable, primarily due to the small distances and good road connections. The Italians, for example, have barely one hour from Trieste to Kvarner, from Vienna to the sea there are not even 600 km, a little more than from Budapest or Munich. Besides, the air traffic has an even greater value, especially with the emergence of cheap flights. Thus, for thirty euros you can travel from Stuttgart and Birmingham to Pula, from Siberia to Krk, and there are more and more seasonal flights every day.

In addition to its favorable geographical position, Croatia is interesting to foreign citizens because of its natural beauty that is now so difficult to find elsewhere in Europe. The combination of natural beauty, unspoiled nature and historic heritage makes Croatia ideal for visit and living. Each corner of Croatia has its beauty and uniqueness, and it is up to the buyer of the real estate to choose his own piece of paradise to spend his leisure time there.

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