Each buyer and seller wants a quality and professional team to represent him/her in the purchase/sale of the property. Which criteria should one keep in mind when choosing a real estate agency that will best represent him/her and his/her wishes? 

Each professional agency engaged in this activity must have a quality service, offer and image

What does the service mean? 

The service means the ability of the mediator to present the property from the offer in an adequate and professional way, and it is the result of invested knowledge and time, and not a coincidence. 

The presentation of the property is at the same time the presentation of overall business of the agency and therefore the making of presentation should be a well-designed activity that creates an impression on the entire company. The presentation should include a detailed description of the property and all the information concerning the particular property. When preparing a property for the market, one must take quality photographs of the same, because without credible photographs it is impossible to present the property with quality.

A quality agency must listen to the client, must get familiar with his/her needs and wishes, and round everything up with a service performed with quality. 

A very important factor of service is quality offer. The offer has to be profiled. The listed properties must be carefully selected and well presented live, on a website, through real estate advertisements, through social networkscatalogs and the like. 

The last segment that the client should take into consideration as guiding principle in choosing a real estate agency is the very image / brand of the same. Through presentation and offer, one can clearly notice how much the agency is investing in its brand through marketing and generally through the appearance of the company, and how much attention – on the professional level - does the agency pay to the quality of its business.

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