Properties whose price is not decreasing and which are sold in no time.

Types of properties of greatest interest, selling price of properties on the island of Krk, who are their customers? Why isn’t the price of properties in the first row by the sea decreasing and why are they being sold so quickly? Mateja Bogdanić gave the answers to these questions for the magazine Dom & Dizajn.

The most interesting parts of the article:

The increase in demand for real estate in good locations 

Recently, the most wanted and bought are the apartments in quality new buildings near the sea as well as stone and modern family villas overlooking the sea. The customers are quite different, but it can be noticed that most of them started paying a lot more attention to the selection of location and quality of construction of the property. I would even say that to the most of them the price is not that important. In the past couple of years people talk a lot about the fall of properties’ price, therefore the customers often begin their search with unrealistic expectations that they will buy an excellent property at a low price, that is, that they will manage to significantly lower the price in their favor. However, given the fact that the island of Krk and the area of Northern Adriatic represent a very attractive region, especially due to the great traffic connections and proximity of the European countries, natural beauties and culture, the significant fall in prices did not happen.

Comfort and prestige – often the key factor in real estate purchase

The properties that are not losing their value are certainly the ones in excellent locations overlooking the sea or properties with a sea view and those with great potential – their prices are even increasing. The number of such locations is getting smaller and to become the owner of such a property is often, besides the comfort, also a matter of prestige. Therefore, the customers in search for a real estate near the sea are very well aware of the fact that they will have to pay a slightly higher amount for real estate in rare, and therefore very valuable location. However, the purchase of such a property is an excellent investment because their prices can only rise. On the other hand, the prices of real estate that are not specific in terms of location, continue falling and one needs a longer period to sell them.

On new projects and real estate construction 

In terms of new construction, you cannot find it in the same ration as during the past couple of years, but there are construction works in almost all the villages on the island of Krk. At this moment, the most popular place is Rova in Malinska, which is slowly turning into a true elite location with top quality family houses and apartment villas.

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