Sheltered by high mountains, the Kvarner Bay has long been a favorite of visitors attracted by the mild climate and crystal clear sea and those looking for more than beautiful beaches. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the wealthy people built holiday homes here, so places like Rijeka and Opatija are rich in magnificent Habsburg architecture.

The islands of Cres, Lošinj, Krk and Rab have old port towns and parts of the untouched coast that adorn the bays for swimming and enjoyment. There is also a diverse animal world - Cres has an important population of griffon vultures, Lošinj is dedicated to the preservation of Adriatic dolphins and turtles, while bears can be seen on Učka and Risnjak, although they hide well!

The specialty of Kvarner is the intertwining of sea and continental climate, the coastal part with Mediterranean influences and the green, wooded Gorski Kotar. This is also evident in gastronomic delicacies and specialties. Coastal cuisine is based on fish, crabs, shellfish, lamb, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, herbs, olive oil and wine, while Gorski Kotar is based on game, mushrooms, dairy products, freshwater fish, vegetables, especially potatoes and cabbage, and alcoholic drinks such as blueberry, bitter herbs and honey liquor because the gastronomic destination of the Kvarner region begins in the field, on land, in the sea and forest.

"Diversity is beautiful." is the slogan of Kvarner which always stands out in the promotion of the region and really best describes this area. In all segments, both geographically - where the coastal areas, islands and mountains stand out, as well as in gastronomy, culture and all the way to the real estate market.

The city of Rijeka is located in the heart of Kvarner. Rijeka and the Rijeka Ring have everything a destination should have - plenty of accommodation, rich cultural and gastronomic offer, many beaches and various activities. Full of historical events, the city of Rijeka has been influenced by several cultures that have shaped it into what it is today. It was ruled by the Venetians, Italians and Austro-Hungary.

A beautiful blend of traditional and urban. The area of ​​Rijeka is characterized mainly by apartments and suites that complement the urban style. From new construction to apartments in the old town, it is unquestionable that it offers a beautiful view of the sea and islands. In the surroundings, outside the city, there are beautiful modern family houses.

Opatija was the first Croatian tourist destination in the 19th century. Many nobles, political elite and celebrities came on vacation, so Opatija is full of parks with old, luxurious villas. In addition to family villas and holiday homes, you can find modern apartments in newly built buildings in Ičići and Lovran.

The island of Krk is an island that is not even an island - it is separated from the mainland by the sea, but it is connected to the mainland by a long bridge, and there is an airport on Krk. Ancient people called Krk the golden island because of its uniqueness. In Malinska, Baška, Punat, Njivice, Omišalj and Krk you can find beautiful pebble, sandy and rocky beaches and countless opportunities to explore the island.

The real estate market on the island of Krk is diverse and real estate is highly sought after and popular due to the beautiful locations and environment of the island. The most sought after holiday homes are as close as possible to the sea and apartments or penthouses in new construction that have a fantastic sea view. Renovated stone houses are also popular, giving a touch of the past in combination with a modern interior.

Popular Rab has some of the most diverse landscapes in the Kvarner area. The more densely populated southwest coast has forests and beaches, while the northeast coast is part with several settlements, high cliffs and a desolate appearance.

Similar to Cres. Cres is an island characterized by untouched nature, a protected animal species - griffon vulture, Vrana Lake and a wealth of historical and cultural sights. Cres is located in the northern part of the Kvarner Bay and is connected to the Lošinj Bridge.

Lošinj offers rich content and specific nature, but one of the special features of the island of Lošinj is the extremely clean air that has healing properties. Pleasant climate, air of excellent quality that is rich in aerosols makes this island outdoor aromatherapy.

Luxurious summer houses and villas from the 19th century, parks, gardens and stone houses are the links between these islands. Cultural sights such as Renaissance buildings, churches and monasteries provide an opportunity to peek into the past. In addition to stone houses, old family houses and villas, which are mostly located outside the city center, in the center you can find apartments with sea views and apartments first row to the sea.

The Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera is an area that manages to unite natural and historical sights. In addition to the joys of the sea such as swimming, sunbathing, water sports, here you can enjoy long walks by the sea with beautiful scenery and crystal clear sea.

On the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera, apartments near the sea and real estate with the purpose of tourist rental are in great demand. tnina for vacation, there is also potential for investment. The development of housing and tourism projects, such as hotels, is very pronounced in this area. Given that real estate achieves high rental prices, a quick return on investment is possible when buying a property for tourist rental.

Kvarner is a very diverse real estate market. It has been an extremely popular destination for more than a hundred years, and the combination of different cultures and architectures make it unique. Urban and modern intertwined with nature, a touch of the past and old times.

The most popular type of real estate are certainly apartments with sea views and family houses - modern and traditional stone houses. It should be noted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality real estate due to the great interest, and as a result, their price is rising.

The location is important - the proximity of the sea, the sea view and the quality of the property itself. Austrian and German customers are becoming more numerous, along with Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks due to good transport connections with Europe and the rest of Croatia. Of course, there are also domestic buyers who are increasingly deciding to buy real estate for tourist rental. They combine the pleasant with the useful and enjoy the peace and privacy on vacation, but at the same time invest in their own future.

Below we highlight an attractive and diverse offer of real estate from the Kvarner area;

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