A few days ago we received a call from our client Michaela from Germany. She is interested in buying an apartment in the area of ​​Malinska on the island of Krk. One of the main conditions is that the apartment has a sea view. She says she is surprised because she does not find suitable apartments on the web by a simple search and asks us for help because there is certainly an apartment with this feature within her budget of 200,000 euros. Last year, we were able to offer her at least two or three quality options, but today our search engine throws out "no results for this search". Why is that so? What is happening with real estate with a sea view in Croatia? How many are on offer and what are their prices?

The price of real estate is determined by the desirability of the location and the relationship between supply and demand at a particular location. Sea view is one of the parameters that buyers most often point out as a "must have" and this parameter greatly affects the price of real estate in Croatia. Namely, people love that feeling - warm summer evenings spent on the terrace with a glass of good wine and a beautiful view of the sea and the waves. It is a feeling of rest, relaxation, escape from obligations and clearing of the mind. Our customers lead a busy life filled with everyday challenges and stress throughout the year and are eager to spend the summer months relaxing, especially those who do not have this opportunity in their home countries. Namely, our clients are mostly Germans, Austrians, Czechs and Slovaks. Germans and Austrians prefer the northern Adriatic, Istria and Kvarner, while Czechs and Slovaks who prefer slightly more southern destinations in Croatia.
The fact is that despite the global pandemic and all the challenges that have befallen the world and Croatian economy, real estate prices are rising. The most desirable properties are those that have a sea view, although the same does not necessarily mean that they are first row to the beach or close to the sea at all. Such attractive pieces of real estate are sold at lightning speed regardless of their price and are becoming rarer and rarer, becoming a matter of luxury and prestige.
One very important fact must not be overlooked - resources are limited. In this case, it is real estate or land by the sea. Our beautiful Croatian coast is not endless and there is less and less terrain overlooking the sea and consequently prices are constantly growing at a rapid rate.
So, do you want to buy real estate with a sea view now or when it becomes twice as expensive? If they are available at all, of course.

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